Anna did it again 🙂

2 new titles in one day 🙂

Norwegian winner 2020

Nordic ShowChampion

Thanks to judge Rune Tyvold for a superb critique 🙂

Thanks to Ann Helen for bringing Anna and showing her ❤

The puppies are here

6 lovely puppies borned August 2.

3 boys and 3 girls 💔

Some og them will be for sale 🙂

  • BOB puopy

    Artic Flyer’s Mount Blanc
    BOB puppy for Eli Marie Klepp on Letohallen 9/8 2020.

    Congrats to Owner Eli Thoner

  • BOS

    NUCH Artic Flyer’s Queen og Hearts best bitch and BOS for Eli Marie Klepp in Letohallen 9/8 2020.

    Congrats to owner Linda Lenes

  • BOB puppy

    Artic Flyer’s Mount Blanc won BOB puppy in Pori Finland 1/8 2020 for judge Tanja Ahlman Stockmari.

    Congrats to owner Eli Thoner

Fauske INT 2020

NJV-19 Artic Flyer's Wils Winter Rose won BIM and NKK CAC and CACIB 🙂

Congeats to co owner Camilla Olsen and handler Renate Hagren ❤

Zanevis Pri Ma Donna ble 4.BB with res Cacib

Thanks to judge Dommer Lef Herman Wilberg


N SE DK UCH Artic Flyer`s Queen of The North


BEST IN SHOW at Lofoten Dog Show 2020


Thanks to breed judge Marianne Holmli and BIS Judge Arne Foss


    NKK Trondheim 2020

    Morten became 2.BM ans got his last CAC and this made him NUCH FIUCH

    He also got Res CACIB ->CACIB


    NKK Trondheim 2020

    Anna got her last CAC and became BOB With her 2 CACIB in Norway.

    Her New name is NJW-18 NW-18 SJW-19 N SE FI UCH Star Anakins You Complite Me

Best in Show veteran

CIB NORD DK UCH AEric Flyer’s Born To Play - 2 times BIS veteran ❤

Gizmo had his deby AS a veteran in the show ring lalt weekend og May and what a show he put on

BOB veteran both days 

BOB and BIG 2 on Saturday 

2.BM on Sunday

BEST IN SHOW vetetan both days 🙂🙂🙂

Handled to perfection by Camilla Olsen in the BIS finals both days ❤❤❤


Beauty got herself a new title at NKK show in Kristiansand 🙂

BOS with CAC and CACIB

We are so happy and proud of her 🙂

Thanks to Judge Lisbeth Campell for a Lovely critique....

Besuty is now Champion of Norway, Finalnd, The Nederlands and Luxenburg.

She is also C.I.B bit this is not confirmed yet ❤

2 x BiS

Zanevi’s On Fire started the show season very well 🙂

Open show in Tromsø 26.01.2019 for judge Eli-Marie Klepp 


BOB junior

Best in Show junior 

Best in show 


The weekend before he got his first CAC in Letohallen ending up 2.BM only beaten by his father 🙂

2 New Champions at NKK`s Nordic Show in Harstad

26 entered CC for judge Annamaria Tarjan

and we did it ❤


Yinny BOS with CAC and Nordic CAC.

This made her:

Norwegian Champion

Swedish Champion

Finnish Champion

Nordisk Champion


BOB Artic Flyer`s Not Guilty with CAC and Nordic CAC 🙂

This made him to Norwegian Champion 🙂


Emma Did it.....

International Dog Show in Ylivieska Finland for Judge Asta Maria Gudbergsdottir


Emma won Junior class and ended up ad Best Bitch with Finnish CAC and BOS.


What a jorney this girls has had in the show ring so far:

BOB at her only show AS a puppy

BOB at her only show in Norway so far.

BOS at INT. Show in Ylivieska Finland with CAC

2.BB iat in Kemi Finland with Res CAC 

3.BB at INT show in Piteå Sweden with Res CAC

Who would have thought that she replaced her hip only 12 weeks ago - this is a fantastic fighter 🙂

Yinny rules again

In Kemi, Finland with 30 entered CC’s Yinny went BOB with CAC and CACIB for judge Gøran Bodegård 🙂


We are flying ❤


Yinny CAC in Sweden

Yinny won a BIG open class and ended up as 2.BB with CAC and Res.Cacib on her first dogshow ever in Sweden 🙂


She showed like the Queen she is and we are just so proud of her 🙂

NCCK`s Toplists for 2015 is ready

BEST BREEDERS 2015 - Kennel Artic Flyer


Most winning CC - Nord UCH Artic Flyer`s Born To Play

Most winning Male - NORD UCH Artic Flyer`s Born To Play

Most winning Bitch - NUCH Artic Flyer`s Hopes And Dreams

3.most winning CC - NUCH Artic Flyer`s Hopes And Dreams

8.most winning male - NUCH Sirocco Scent Of A Wilted Lie breeding male - Habiba Artic Adventure breeding male - NORD UCH Artic Flyer`s Born To Play breeding female - Lucky Line`s High On Life breeding female - Omegaville Walk The Walk


WHAT A YEAR for kennel Artic Flyer 🙂

Thanks to all in our FANTASTIC TEAM for making this possible 🙂