N SE FI NORD UCH Sirocco Scent Of A Wilted Lie

8.th most winning male in NCCK 2015

Link to pedigree

Liam is my soulmate and I falled in love with him from the first moment I saw him.

He has a heart of GOLD and he is a playful dog that just love to have fun. 

I just love him and he is my pride and JOY. He has stolen my heart completely :)


He became NUCH 2,5 years old and has several BOB and BOS placements.

He became SEUCH in the summer of 2016 and went BOB in very strong competition :)


BEST IN SHOW prognency group in 2 times at NKK show in 2018 and 1 time in 2019 :)

BIS 2 prognency group at National show in 2018.


Liam is a true hairless CC and we so look forward to see what he will produce when he starts his breeding work - we hardly cant wait :) 

Thanks a lot to the Sirocco family for letting him live with us and fill our lives with joy.


Liams health results:

PLL clear - 2014

Patella Lux - 0-0 - 2014

Eye checked clear - 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2018.


He has 2 litters here with us - Litter N and Litter P