Double trouble

BOB and BOS at Puppyshow in Leirsund 17.July 2021

BOB - Artic Flyer's The Chosen One ❤

BOS - Artic Flyer's Desirable Number One ❤

Thanks to Judge Christine Sonberg

Thanks to their trainers and handlers Linda Lenes and Eli Kristin Thoner🙂

You rock ladies 🙂


New Champion

Artic Flyers Simply Stunning took her crownkng CAC in Tromsø in June 2021.

This made her Champion in 




New Champion

Anna has attended 3 dog shows together with her breeder Zaco i Denmark🙂

3 x BOB

3 x CAC

Danish Nordic CAC

Danish CACIB

So now she can put a new title to her name

N FI SE DK UCH Nordic UCH NJW- 18 NW-18 SJW-19 NW-20 Star Anakins You Complite Me

New Chanpion

NJW-19 Artic Flyers Wild Winter Rose won har crowning CAC in Sandefjord in June 2021.

She went BOB and BIG 3 too🙂

She is now NUCH and have won her frist two Norwegian CACIBs too


New show results

Zanevi's Thorun entered her first two shows as Junior in Tromsø in June 2021.

BOB and CAC day 1

BOS with NKK CAC and Nordic CAC day 2


We are so happy and proud 🙂

Harry at his first show

Harry went BOS at his first puppy show with auntie Eli Thoner🙂

We are so happy and proud with his deby in the ring 🙂