We Expect puppies in August 2020

N FI NL LUX UCH Happy Dancing Always Beauty expects puppies in August.


More information can be found under our PLANS


We cant wait to finally meet them ❤


Liam (N SE UCH Sirocco Scent of a Wilted Lie) did it again ❤

Best in show pognency group at NKK Harstad 07.10.2018.

He also won the Chamion class and became 4.BM 🙂


He entered with following offsprings:

NUCH AF Not Guilty

AF Perfect Crime

AF Remember Me

AF Rock`n Roll Diva

We have a new Champion

In Harstad at NKK Show 07.10.2018 Yinny won her crowning CAC and this made her:


Norwegian Champion

Swedish Champion

Finnish Champion

Nordisk Champion


We are just SO HAPPY ❤

Erle and Emma on vacation in Sweden

We have a new Finnish Champion

NUCH Artic Flyer`s Hopes and Dreams kan now add FINCH in front of her name.

After several Res.CAC in Finland the last years she finally went all the way and in Kemi she won her crowning CAC and also became BOB 🙂

She has also won 2 CACIB in Finland this summer and is suddenly half way to her C.I.B titel  ❤

What a year for us ❤

Nordkjosbotn 2.april 2017

Another amazing show day...............


BEST IN SHOW breeding gruop second day in a row - this time for judge Gabriella Veiga ❤

CC was judged by  Saija Juutilainen with this results:

AF Hopes and Dream - BOB, BIG 1 and BIS 3 for judge Michael Leonard ❤

Yin & Yang von Shinbashi 2.BF with her second CAC her second time in the ring as JR.

Flyffysteps A Strong need for Speed- CQ and Res.CAC from veteran class

AF Meant to Be - Exc and CK


AF Kick Off - 2.BM

AF OMG It happened - 3.BM with Res.CAC


Eir Sagadottir - BOB Puppy for judge Vitor Veiga and BIG 2 for judge Michael Leonard


Nordkjosbotn 1.april 2017

A FANTASTIC day for Team Artic Flyer 🙂

AF breeding group - BEST IN SHOW for judge Michael Leonard ❤


The CC was judged by Gabriella Maria Veiga with this fantastic results:


AF Hopes And Dreams - BOB and BOG 4

AF No Copyright - BOS

AF Not Guilty - BOB Puppy

AF Kick Off - 2.BM with CAC and New Norewgian Champion

AF One More Time Please - 3.BM with Res.CAC

Ying & Yang von Shinbashi - 2.BM and CAC in her first time in the ring as JR

AF Meant to Be - CQ

AF Just a Dream - CQ


Eir Sagadottir BOB puppy (judge Mrs.Veiga) and BIG 2 (judge Mr.Veiga)