NUCH SEUCH Artic Flyer`s I`m In Charge

Link to pedigree

Our lovely PP boy with a heart of GOLD


3 x CAC in Norway

CAC in Sweden

Res.CAC in both Norway and Sweden

Res.CACIB in Norway



BOS JR 2 times

Several Best Male placements

He is a true dream to handle in the ring and at home :) He is the father of one litter and the offsprings are amazing in temper, mevement and construction.

Gizmos health results:

PLL - clear by default

Patella Lux - 0-0 - 2016

Prcd PPA Clear

Rcd3 PRA Clear

Eye checked clear in 2016, 2018 and 2020

KCS - normal


Gizmo is the father of Litter Q


Gizmo lives together with Siw Jorunn Kristiansen and her fantastic family in Alta.