N SE FI NORDISK UCH Yin & Yang von Shinbashi

Yinny is our German princess ❤

She has a pedigree that we really love and conbined with her super construction and really lovely temperament she is all that we had hoped for and even more ❤


Champion in Norway, Sweden and Finland and also Nordisk Champion.

She has started her INT title and her Nordic title.

She is showed in Norway with 3 CAC (including the NKK CAC) 1 CACIB and 1 Nordic CAC 🙂

She is showed in Finland with 2 CACIB, 1 CAC and 2 Res.CAC 🙂

She is shown in Sweden with CAC, res CAC and Res CACIB.

She also has Res.jr.CAC both VDH and CCC in Germany.


She was shown 6 times in Junior  class in Norway with the 2 small CAC she can take and she has been placed in Best Bitch ALL 6 times :) She also became 2.Best junior in The NOrwegian CC club in 2017.

We showed her 5 times as a puppy and she became BOB 4 times and BOS 1 time.


Yinnys helath results:

PLL clear 

Prcd PRA clear

Rcd3-PRA Clear

EVCO Eyes checked clear in 2017, 2018, 2020 and 2021

KCS Normal

PL 0-0


Thanks a lot to AnneRose for your trust letting her move all the way up here - we will do all we can to make you proud 🙂

Thanks a lot to Henrik and Zaco for taking her home and do this possible for us - we love you ❤