NUCH SEUCH Kranar Erika Showqueen

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Erika came to us a guest and she just moved in - into our home and into our hearts ❤

She is a wonderful dog that knows how to tell us what she wants AND for sure what she doesen`t want 🙂 She really loves Julian - he is really her human ❤

Erikas health results:

PLL carrier 2014

Patella Lux - 0-0- 2013

Eye checked clear in 2014 and 2015

Eye checked with remarks 2 times in 2016 (Vitreus Degenerasjon)


Erika is the mother of your Litter N and Litter Q



Thank you so much Camilla Olsen - Kennel Zanevi - for letting this Queen live with us ❤