Crest`d Label Miss Black Pearl

Link to pedigree

Gucci really is a Miss Black Pearl :) She is just so beautiful AND she knows it......

Gucci came to us from DK when she was 11 months old and we have never regretted that choice.

She is a DIVA and she shows like a dream in the ring IF she wants to. If not we can just do whatever we wanna do - she does what she wanna do too :) I love this black pearl of a dog.

Cause of dogs with CLP in her pedigree we have decided not to breed her until we know more about how this illness is passed on. This is very sad for us cause she is a dog we really would have in our breeding program. Insted she gets to enjoy life as a Pet and that suits her JUST fine.

Thanks a lot to henrik for trusting us with this Jewel :)

Gucci lives in a perfect home in Kvalsund where she is the princess of the house :)