Lucky Line`s Less Is More

Link to pedigree

Zita was the second HL girl in our kennel. Maria just fell in love with her and had to get her into her family. She is a sweatheart with lots of opitions of her own. She loves the people she loves and the rest of the worlds people just dont excists to her :)

Zita has done great in the show ring but she doesnt love the setting so we have decided not to show her anymore. She has several CAC and BOB and BOS placements.

Zita is the mother to our lovely C-litter. In this litter she gave one puppy with low tear production (12) on one eye and one puppy with Epilepsy. Cause of this we have chosen not to let her be the mum to any more pups. We just have to enjoy the 3 that are already borned.


Zita lives with Maria and her family and enjoys life to the fullest there.