Lucky Line`s High On Life

Second best breeding female in NCCK 2015 best breeding female in NCCK 2014

Link to pedigree

Dina is a fantastic bitch that has given us 4 fantastic litters and is a very important dog for our kennels breeding programme.

She is the mother to our Fantastic B-litter, E-litter ,I-litter and M-litter.

All her puppies are like her in the temper - they are High on Life and the love everyone and everything. They are well constructed and they have good results in the showring.

She was the 3th best brood bitch in the Norwegian CC club 2014 and we are so proud of her offsprings and her.

Dina herself has had good results in the ring, but her coat isent the easiest to groom so we have decided to have her coat in a short and easy groomed lenght. Thats why she wont be seen in the ring anymore BUT her offsprings makes her proud out there.