Artic Flyer`s Quadrillon Kisses

Loke is Erika and PP Gizmos lovely son 🙂


He looks like a dream, moves like a dream, has a dreamcoat and a dream temperament 🙂

He has been showed 3 times as a Junior and got Exc all times and has one res CAC.


He will have a show break in the beginning of 2018 because he has a BIG puppyfriend who have eaten a lot of Lokes lovely fur We hope he will ba back later this year 🙂


As a puppy he had many great wins and he became Second Mostwinning puppy in NCCK in 2017.

Health results:

PLL - clear

CERF - clear

KCS - normal


He lives in Talvik with Janne and her lovely family and they really does a good job with our prince❤