The people behind the dogs

The people behind the dogs......... 

The kennel is owned by Lola Marie Folcke and Maria Daniloff. We live in the North of Norway, Alta.

Lola and Maria have known eachother for a long time because of their common interest in horses. When we found out that we both adored the Chinese Crested Dog the dream about a kennel together woke. We found some lovely CC`s and applied for the kennel name, and in 2010 the dream became true - Kennel Artic Flyer was a fact.

We love dog shows and that is what we mostly do with our dogs. They are a natural part of our families and they come along with us almost all the time. The spend time in the stable, they run in the forest and the mountains, they spend vacations with us in the trailer and in cabins and they take place in our afternoon activities. 


We had a lot of thinking before we found the perfect kennel name for us. We wanted a name that told something about where we came from, what we wants with our breeding and something about our beloved breed.


The name we choose was Artic Flyer and this is what we thought:


The dogs are lovely pieces of art and masterpieces is what we dream about breeding.


Because we live far up north


This for us describes a CC in movement - a flying dog

SO to make a summary - We dream about breeding lovely pieces of art that flies over the ground in a floating trot :)


Health and temperament is very importnat to us, and we want to breed dogs that are healty and beautiful. We want to use healty and sound dogs in our breeding programme. We CERF our dogs before breeding them, we use dogs with known KCS and know status of Patella Luxation. Our dogs have known PLL status and we have also started checking for PRCD-PRA. This test togehter with knowledge og the pedigrees on pur dogs will be our way to keep this breed as healty as possible.

The Chinese Crested is a lovely breed full of life and joy - we just love the breed and hope to be able to give pur puppybyers and friends many lovely moments with lovely Artic Flyer dogs.


If you have any questions please contact us at this adress: