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Second mostwinning puppy in NCCK in 2016.

Emil is from our fantastic N-litter - his parents are our own Liam and his mum is Kranar Erika Showqueen. We loved him from the minute he was borned - and just knew that we had to keep him in the kennel.

He has a wonderful temperament and he just loves life 🙂

Results as junior:

2 x CAC

1 x BOB

1 x BOS

Results as puppy:

BOB x 4

BOS x 3





Emils health results:

PLL - will be checked in 2017

PL - 0 - 0 - checked in 2017

Eye checked clear in 2017.


Emil lives with his co--owners Johnny and John Helge in Silsand. Thanks for giving him a wonderful life with you and the other animals at your house :)