NUCH DKCH FIUCH NORD UCH Zanevi`s Hot Lips mostwinning female in NCCK in 2016


She is all we have ever dreamt of in a CC - She has a fantastic temperament, she is very well constructed, she moves like a dream, she is just super hairless AND she is a dream to work with ❤

Results in the ring:

Several BOB and BOS

2 x CAC in Norway

2 x CAC in Denmark

1 x CAC in Finland


CACIB in Norway and Denmark

Res.CACIB in Denmark and Finland


BOG and BIS 2 at International NKK show in Harstad Oktober 2016.

5 times BOB puppy and BIG-4 🙂 

Health results:

PL 0-0

PLL clear

Prcd PRA Clear

Rcd3 PRA Clear

KCS normal

Eyes clear in 2018 and 2020

I really can`t thank Camilla at Kennel Zanevi for letting this stunning female move up to us .......


I SO look forward to her future in the showring ❤

Zanevi`s Hot Lips