NUCH Artic Flyer`s Meant To Be

Pippi ❤


Our sweet and lovely Scott and Dina daughter - we waited a long time and suddenly she was here 🙂 We are so happy that we have a Scott daughter in our kennel AND what a girl she turned ut to be :


On her first 2 shows as a Junior she got 2 CAC, BOB, BIG 2, BOB-jr, and BIS 3 jr.

She has lovely results in both Norway and Sweden as a junior with lots og CQ`s 🙂

BOB and BOG 3 from Intermediate class 🙂

We really look forward to the future with this sweet girl ❤


She has entered the ring 3 times as a puppy:

1 x BOB

2 x BOS

1 x BIS 2


Pippis health results:

PLL clear by default

Patella Lux will be checked in 2017

Eye checked clear in 2017