SJV-19 NV-18 NJV-18 Star Anakin`s You Complite Me

Anna - our fantastic Peruvian hairless girl ❤

 A new breed for us, totally naked, a bit bigger and really an exciting character 😋


Results from Intermediate class:

3 x BOB (Showed 3 times)

CACIB in Norway and Finland

CAC in Norway and Finland


Results from Junior class 

Norwegian Winner 2018

Norwegian Junior winner 2018

Swedish Junior winner 2019

3 x BOB

1 x BOS

2 x CAC (cant get more small CAC in Norway)


1 x res CAC in Sweden



Showed 2 times as a puppy in Denmark - BOB both times and BIS 3 baby one time.

Showed 7 times as a puppy in Norway - BOB both all times AND BIG 2 2 x  BIG 3 and BIG 4 🙂


Thanks a lot to her breeder Zaco Zonne for trusting us with this jewel ❤