C.I.B Multi Chanpion Split Winner-21 NV-20 SJV-19 NV-18 NJV-18 Star Anakin`s You Complite Me

Anna - our fantastic Peruvian hairless girl ❤

 A new breed for us, totally naked, a bit bigger and really an exciting character 😋

She is the Queen of the House 🙂


Results :

Mostwinning Peruvian Hairless medium size in NKK 2019 and 2020

International Champion

Norwegian Champion     

Swedish Champion       

Finnish Champion

Danish Champion

Nordic Champion

Croatian Champion

Champion of Bosnia

Grand Champion of Bosnia

Split Winner 2021

Norwegian Winner 2020 and 2018 

Norwegian Junior winner 2018  

Swedish Juniorwinner 2019

CACIB in Norway, Finland, Denmark, Croatia and Bosnia.

Nordic CAC in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland

Several CAC in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Bosnia and Croatia.


Showed 2 times as a puppy in Denmark - BOB both times and BIS 3 baby one time.

Showed 7 times as a puppy in Norway - BOB both all times AND BIG 2 2 x  BIG 3 and BIG 4 🙂


Thanks a lot to her breeder Zaco Zonne for trusting us with this jewel ❤