N FI UCH Zanevi`s On Fire

Sometimes a puppy just steals your heart ❤ 

Morten came to us in June and should only be here until he became Junior and then he should go back to his breeder and owner Camilla Olsen. BUT he just belongs up here with us and luckily Camilla understood that and now we are co-owners to this wonderful boy ❤

He lives together with Ann-Helen and has the best home a dog could dream of 🙂


Norwegian Champion

Finnish Champion

2 x CACIB in Norway


Health results:

PL - 0-0

KCS - normal

PLL - clear

PRCD PRA - clear 

Prcd 3 PRA - clear 

DM - clear

Eyechecord clear in 2019 and 2020


He had his showdeby in Tromsø 4,5 months old and WHAT A DEBY............

BOB puppy both days,  BIG 1 and BIS 3 Saturday and BIG 2 on Sunday

In Sortland he became BOB x 2 and BIG 3 🙂


In junior class he did well too:

Best in Show

Best in Show junior

5 x BOB

1 x BOS

1 x BIG 4



A true SHOWMAN ❤